"I highly and unqualifiedly recommend Joan Johnsen as a Mediator. Joan mediated two unrelated lawsuits, in different areas of the law involving different parties and issues, in which I was counsel. In one action, I represented plaintiffs, and, in the other, defendants. Both actions were complex, and had been hard fought by both sides. Prior efforts by experienced and able counsel to resolve each action had failed; and the parties were far apart before Joan got involved. Joan successfully resolved both matters, showing an extraordinary mix of patience, persistence, intelligent analysis of the issues, understanding of the parties’ positions and needs, and courteous convincing of all involved. Without Joan’s services as Mediator, neither matter would have been settled."

-New York City Lawyer whose practice is business litigation

"Joan readily earns the confidence of all parties, because she exudes fairness, integrity, perceptiveness, and a general concern for the interests of the parties."
-Attorney for Respondent

"Joan is tenacious in her efforts to resolve a dispute and also in her follow-up to assist in finalizing the settlement."
-Attorney for Claimant